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After trying every diet and never achieving real weight loss, I developed my own Recipe for a Healthy Weight. I lost over 130 pounds and created this website to share what I discovered. More >

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Pasta Salad Supreme

These days, to love pasta salad is to be seriously un-cool. You never see it on the menu at trendy eateries, however casual, kitschy or retro. Food snobs turn up their noses at the very idea. Sure, quinoa and couscous salads abound, but pasta salad? Heavens no. It's just not done among the foodie set. I mean, you might as well break out the cheez whiz and cool whip for all the gustatory cred discussion of pasta salads will get you.

That's why today's post is a pasta salad! Oho! I thought I'd be a trendbucker and share one proudly. A good pasta salad is light and refreshing, yet still filling on a hot, hot day (like today). This salad is a variation on one my Maymo used to make when I was a kid. It brings back memories of summer days, cookouts, and bites of cold, crunchy salad, stolen right out of her bright orange serving bowl.

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Steamed Artichokes with Mustard-Cream Dipping Sauce

I'm back from my blog-cation. Instead of working on a blog post last weekend, I volunteered for an organization near and dear to my heart: Rebuilding Together Metro Chicago. On Saturday, April 28, 3,000 volunteers helped rehab 68 homes, 4 community facilities and a large park in the Chicago neighborhood of Englewood and the Village of Harvey. It was an amazing day with a remarkable organization!

It felt good to take a break from blogging, but it also feels good to be back at it again. I'm excited to share this week's recipe with you. I know the tagline of this blog is " is more than broiled chicken & steamed vegetables," but this gives short shrift to one of the best methods for preparing artichokes: steaming them.

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Pan-Seared Arctic Char with Roasted Mushrooms, Leeks & Meyer Lemon

Although I worked diligently to hide it from you, I haven't spent much time in the kitchen recently. My last three posts—almost a month’s worth!—were not new recipes. I've been swamped of late, and haven't devoted enough time to cooking and recipe experimentation as I would like.

For me, however, there comes a point when continued absence from the creative space of the kitchen becomes completely untenable. When I returned from a business trip to Seattle last Saturday, even though I was beyond exhausted, the thing I wanted most was to get my hands in some ingredients. After a week's worth of non-stop restaurant meals, it was imperative I return to my sanctuary and whip up something delectable for dinner.

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Quick Cassoulet Beans (aka Game Day Redzone Beans)

Tomorrow night, apparently, there's some sort of sports contest on TV. It involves a bunch of tight pants wearing men running around, tossing an oblong ball, and attempting to kick said ball through a large metal "H." One team will triumph over the other in what is sure to be a most ripping victory.

I kid, I kid. Even though sports aren't my thing, I know the Super Bowl is tomorrow night, Patriots vs. Giants. And while I'm uninterested in the game, the outcome, or even the commercials, I am interested in one thing: the food. Super Bowl Sunday is a celebration of pork. Lots and lots of pork.

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Vegetables 101: Tender, Buttery Brussels Sprouts

Lately, I cannot seem to get enough Brussels sprouts. I fantasize about eating them. At lunch, I think about running to the grocery store after work and adding them to whatever dinner I have planned. In the middle of a work email, I'll imagine popping a tender, buttery nugget in my mouth... "It could work as a chili side," I think to myself. "Right?"

I've become a little garbages fiend.

I realize this is not normal. But whatever the source of this new affliction, I'll take it. I've never craved cruciferous vegetables before, so I consider this a win. It's hella better than the kinds of cravings I normally have. Part of my current obsession stems from a new preparation method I discovered. Although I like sprouts sautéed, steamed and roasted, my double-cook process is proving irresistible: first you steam; then you pan-sear.

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